5.16 Kernel Constructing Statistics

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By Jonathan Corbet

January 10, 2022

The 5.16 kernel turn into launched
on January 9, as anticipated. This pattern cycle incorporated 14,190
changesets from 1,988 developers; it turn into thus somewhat a chunk of busier than its
, and somewhat normal for fresh kernel releases in standard. A
fresh initiating formulation that the time has come to enjoy a enjoy a look on the put these
adjustments came from.

The 1,998 developers contributing to 5.16 turn into the 2d-top number
ever, with only 5.13 (with 2,062 developers) being greater. This time
spherical, 296 developers contributed their first swap to the kernel,
which is on the high discontinuance of the conventional fluctuate.
Basically the most energetic developers on this cycle enjoy been:

Most energetic 5.16 developers
By changesets
Michael Straube 286 2.0%
Cai Huoqing 232 1.6%
Jakub Kicinski 200 1.4%
Christoph Hellwig 158 1.1%
Bart Van Assche 157 1.1%
Krzysztof Kozlowski 140 1.0%
Mauro Carvalho Chehab 130 0.9%
Pavel Begunkov 122 0.9%
Thomas Gleixner 117 0.8%
Alex Deucher 112 0.8%
Matthew Wilcox 108 0.8%
Geert Uytterhoeven 103 0.7%
Jani Nikula 94 0.7%
Ian Rogers 91 0.6%
Arnd Bergmann 88 0.6%
Ville Syrjälä 86 0.6%
Designate Brown 85 0.6%
Martin Kaiser 85 0.6%
Colin Ian King 82 0.6%
Jens Axboe 80 0.6%
By modified lines
Ping-Ke Shih 91116 11.4%
Zhan Liu 34501 4.3%
Carve Terrell 28611 3.6%
Sameer Pujar 15121 1.9%
Johan Almbladh 13901 1.7%
Thomas Bogendoerfer 11591 1.4%
Michael Straube 9014 1.1%
Dmitry Baryshkov 7836 1.0%
Srinivas Kandagatla 7663 1.0%
Larry Finger 7586 0.9%
Prabhakar Kushwaha 6261 0.8%
Jakub Kicinski 5796 0.7%
Fangzhi Zuo 5765 0.7%
Alex Deucher 5627 0.7%
Peter Zijlstra 5448 0.7%
Jani Nikula 5287 0.7%
Simon Trimmer 5249 0.7%
Shawn Guo 5152 0.6%
Tony Lindgren 5020 0.6%
Derek Fang 4973 0.6%

Basically the most prolific contributor of changesets for 5.16 turn into Michael Straube,
who worked almost completely on the r8188european wi-fi community adapter
driver within the staging tree; that driver has now received 755 adjustments since
being merged for the 5.15 initiating. Cai Huoqing contributed trim-up
patches in quite a lot of areas of the kernel, Jakub Kicinski made improvements
for the length of the networking subsystem, Christoph Hellwig continues his
refactoring work within the block and filesystem layers, and Bart Van Assche
remodeled noteworthy of the SCSI subsystem code.

In the lines-modified column, Ping-Ke Shih came out on top with the addition
of the Realtek rtw89 driver; unlike many past Realtek drivers, this one
skipped the staging tree and landed straight away below drivers/fetch.
Zhan Liu contributed precisely two patches at the side of yet one other region of amdgpu
header recordsdata. Carve Terrell updated the kernel’s zstd compression module,
Sameer Pujar added a region of NVIDIA Tegra sound drivers, and Johan Almbladh
added eBPF JIT compilers for the 32- and 64-bit MIPS architectures. It is
worth noting that
there enjoy been barely few beautiful code removals in 5.16 (the greatest turn into the
doing away with of Netlogic MIPS make stronger by Thomas Bogendoerfer), so the kernel as
a entire grew by 422,000 lines.

The kernel venture is depending on its testers and reviewers as noteworthy as it
is depending on its developers. For the 5.16 cycle, the contributors with the
most take a look at and evaluation credit enjoy been:

Take a look at and evaluation credit in 5.16
Daniel Wheeler 153 14.8%
Sandeep Penigalapati 34 3.3%
Tony Brelinski 25 2.4%
Deren Wu 24 2.3%
Gurucharan G 22 2.1%
Sohaib Mohamed 22 2.1%
Konrad Jankowski 20 1.9%
Alexei Starovoitov 16 1.5%
Designate Wunderlich 14 1.4%
John Garry 13 1.3%
Christian Zigotzky 13 1.3%
Fuad Tabba 12 1.2%
Shawn Guo 12 1.2%
Geert Uytterhoeven 10 1.0%
Ferry Toth 10 1.0%
Christoph Hellwig 202 3.2%
Resolve Herring 194 3.0%
Hans de Goede 119 1.9%
Pierre-Louis Bossart 104 1.6%
Stephen Boyd 100 1.6%
David Howells 83 1.3%
David Sterba 80 1.2%
Jani Nikula 77 1.2%
Christian König 74 1.2%
Andrew Lunn 68 1.1%
Jan Kara 60 0.9%
Kai Vehmanen 60 0.9%
Kees Cook dinner 58 0.9%
Florian Fainelli 57 0.9%
Linus Walleij 55 0.9%

All over one more time, Daniel Wheeler heads the listing of take a look at credit, having received
15% of all such credit for the length of the 5.16 pattern cycle. That is over
two patches tested per day — each day, weekends and holidays integrated.
Wheeler appears to be like to be doing this work as fragment of his employer’s inner
evaluation course of, as discontinuance quite a lot of the assorted top testers. The top reviewers,
as an various,
are inclined to be energetic developers who furthermore organize to rep a lot of reports performed.
The top two reviewers for 5.16 are the the same as for 5.15; Christoph
Hellwig managed to evaluation three patches and write two of his personal for every
day of the 70-day 5.16 pattern cycle.

A assorted form of evaluation is expounded to the assignment of choosing patches
to be aware and push into the mainline kernel. That decision would possibly per chance well well beget a
thorough evaluation in its personal appropriate, or it would possibly per chance well per chance well rely on the evaluation efforts of
others. When maintainers receive patches, they’ll be aware a Signed-off-by
mark to those patches. By having a enjoy a study signoffs by folks assorted than the
creator of a patch, it is conceivable to rep a image for who essentially the most energetic
maintainers are. For 5.16 they enjoy been:

Top signoffs in 5.16
David S. Miller 1082 7.8%
Greg Kroah-Hartman 1062 7.6%
Designate Brown 558 4.0%
Alex Deucher 472 3.4%
Jens Axboe 442 3.2%
Andrew Morton 400 2.9%
Martin K. Petersen 353 2.5%
Jakub Kicinski 325 2.3%
Mauro Carvalho Chehab 325 2.3%
Bjorn Andersson 305 2.2%
Paolo Bonzini 230 1.7%
Jonathan Cameron 224 1.6%
Kalle Valo 210 1.5%
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo 203 1.5%
Hans Verkuil 183 1.3%
Felix Fietkau 163 1.2%
David Sterba 162 1.2%
Alexei Starovoitov 154 1.1%
Borislav Petkov 152 1.1%
Saeed Mahameed 148 1.1%

This listing of maintainers tends no longer to swap noteworthy from one initiating to
one other; it is made up of about a of the kernel venture’s most senior
developers who enjoy been on the job for a few years.

Work on 5.16 turn into supported by 251 employers that we enjoy been ready to name.
Basically the most energetic of these enjoy been:

Most energetic 5.16 employers
By changesets
Intel 1454 10.2%
(Unknown) 1196 8.4%
Google 932 6.6%
(None) 781 5.5%
Purple Hat 765 5.4%
AMD 682 4.8%
Facebook 641 4.5%
Linaro 592 4.2%
NVIDIA 463 3.3%
Huawei Technologies 422 3.0%
SUSE 311 2.2%
Oracle 294 2.1%
IBM 274 1.9%
(E book) 266 1.9%
Canonical 249 1.8%
Arm 244 1.7%
Baidu 234 1.6%
Renesas Electronics 221 1.6%
MediaTek 199 1.4%
Code Aurora Forum 192 1.4%
By lines modified
Realtek 97237 12.2%
Intel 72565 9.1%
AMD 67076 8.4%
Facebook 50894 6.4%
(Unknown) 43152 5.4%
(None) 40389 5.0%
Linaro 39428 4.9%
NVIDIA 38898 4.9%
Google 35871 4.5%
Purple Hat 23312 2.9%
Marvell 19136 2.4%
MediaTek 15399 1.9%
Code Aurora Forum 14564 1.8%
Anyfi Networks 13901 1.7%
Renesas Electronics 12888 1.6%
SUSE 10940 1.4%
IBM 10808 1.4%
Huawei Technologies 10378 1.3%
Cirrus Logic 10046 1.3%
Oracle 8728 1.1%

This table, too, tends no longer to swap noteworthy from one initiating to the following.
For the uncommon, the “unknown” category contains almost 400 developers,
most of whom contributed one or two patches. Somebody of these developers
is a dinky contributor to this initiating, but collectively they add as much as a
indispensable fragment of the total patch drift. Many of these developers will
pass on, having performed what they came to the kernel venture to discontinuance; others are
appropriate getting started and would possibly per chance well well calm change into indispensable contributors over time.

In summary, 5.16 turn into appropriate one other normal kernel pattern cycle. Heaps
of patches from almost 2,000 developers, all integrated into one other stable
(even supposing no longer supreme) kernel initiating. The kernel venture does no longer lack its
fragment of issues with quality employ a watch on, sorting out, make stronger for maintainers,
and more, but it no doubt nonetheless manages to rep the work performed on a predictable
time table. Work now begins on 5.17, which is ready to be launched in mid-March.

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