Exclusive: The Mercedes Vision EQXX can’t even hit 90mph, but that’s okay

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We had been left a exiguous bit puzzled as to why Mercedes made up our minds to go the pinnacle tempo and acceleration specs off the official (18 page!) press originate of its Vision EQXX – but now we know. They’re in truth no longer what it is possible you’ll presumably put a question to.

For the length of an weird media briefing at some stage in CES 2022 which centered on the battery, electrical energy and UI/UX of the Vision EQXX, TechRadar requested what these specs had been.

Jasmin Eichler, Director Future Applied sciences at Daimler AG responded snappy, revealing a 0-100km/h (0-62mph) acceleration time of 7 seconds and a shockingly sluggish 140km/h (spherical 87mph) high tempo.

To present you some comparisons, a Vauxhall Corsa EV and Chevy Trail EV can develop sooner high speeds. Within the intervening time Ford’s contemporary least costly car within the US – the 2021 Ecosport – can hit 119mph.

On the different hand, the pinnacle tempo and acceleration of the Vision EQXX in truth doesn’t topic.

Lacking the level

The Vision EQXX is no longer about tempo, it is about efficiency, as Eichler explains; “as our overall unbiased, we tried to figure out a tense differ number to shoot for, and we picked this (1,000km) because it merely works”.

Mercedes desired to mission itself when it came to efficiency and battery density, in a checklist to make a car that is supremely nearer to production, whereas providing staggering differ statistics.

Adam Allsopp, X1 Powertrain Director at Daimler AG added; “We comprise looked at the most racy route for efficiency and battery density.”

And what Mercedes’ engineers comprise been ready to develop when it involves battery breakthroughs has to be counseled.

They took the battery from the Mercedes EQS, which offers an already-spectacular 453 miles WLTP (729km) of differ, and shriveled its size by 50% and diminished its weight by 30%.

Alongside side that right into a the Vision EQXX – which has the bottom accelerate co-efficient of any boulevard car at merely 0.17 – and also you end up with a large-slippery EV with amazing differ.

(Image credit rating: Mercedes-Benz)

And lets no longer fail to keep in mind, 87mph (140km/h) is more than the upper tempo limits on many roads across the world, so it is a ways no longer equivalent to it is possible you’ll presumably exactly be left slack day-to-day. 

Moreover, that now you can no longer in truth be ready to steal the EQXX – it is merely a theory car, or as Mercedes likes to build it, a “boulevard-correct evaluation prototype” which is assuredly very end to a production car.

So end essentially that this contemporary battery technology – and a bunch of other capabilities within the Vision EQXX – would perhaps be old in future Mercedes series EVs. 

What’s liable to happen is differ would perhaps be diminished a exiguous in decide of more excellent high tempo and acceleration specs, but persisted dispositions in battery chemistry and engineering could presumably point out the bargain is as large as you build a question to.

And that can presumably presumably surely be a correct thing, as brooding about the possible high sticker ticket of future Mercedes EVs with mountainous differ, the automaker could presumably perhaps be gleaming to work on the tempo figures to support elaborate the final ticket to patrons.

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