Father arrested in case of minute one final viewed in 2019 nevertheless reported missing the final week of 2021

The father of Harmony Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law, 7, who became as soon as final viewed in 2019 nevertheless reported missing simplest on the final week of 2021, has been arrested, Unique Hampshire authorities confirmed. 

Adam Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law, 31, became as soon as arrested Tuesday on charges of felony 2nd-level assault, interference with custody and two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a minute one in reference to the disappearance of Harmony, consistent with the Manchester Police Division.

The arrest comes after the Unique Hampshire Union Chief reported that police possess been at Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law’s of us’ home on Sunday.

“The circumstances surrounding this prolonged absence are very relating and are being completely investigated,” Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg suggested USA TODAY.

Harmony Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law: Unique Hampshire minute one who became as soon as final viewed in 2019 reported missing simplest final week, police yell

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Harmony is aloof missing, and Aldenberg confirmed that police possess been investigating the case and taking a see for the minute one. The division is “working below the assumption she’s alive and successfully, and that’s how we’ll characteristic till any person convinces me otherwise.”

“I’m in rescue mode. We’re no longer in a recovery operation,” Aldenberg acknowledged.

Harmony is ready 4 feet sizable, weighs 50 pounds and has blond hair, blue eyes and glasses, police acknowledged. She is blind in her correct peek.

On Tuesday, the community donated $33,000 as a reward for any knowledge that helps in the stare Harmony. Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law police confirmed that the FBI is alive to on the case. 

Adam Bernard Law Sir Bernard Law is expected to be arraigned Wednesday.

Any individual with knowledge about Harmony’s disappearance is requested to name the Manchester Police Division at (603) 668-8711 or the tip line dedicated to Harmony’s case at 603-203-6060.

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