Genshin Impact Sequence of Dragons and Snakes quest handbook

Genshin Impact‘s 2.4 update has been broad, introducing the brand new dwelling of Enkanomiya alongside a barrage of most up-to-date quests and two new playable characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin. For devoted Genshin Impact gamers it’s miles a esteem trove of disclose, and one amongst the trickiest quests in that unusual kit is the Gain of Dragons and Snakes quest. 

This quest asks you to snatch up five Misplaced Books, most appealing they’ve been hidden in all places Enkanomiya – and one outdoors. The recreation does not mumble you to those books, as a replacement amassing them is rather extra no longer easy. Most are earned by polishing off quests – fortuitously now we bask in all quest solutions and e book areas listed below, so you would possibly per chance be in a build to obvious via this quest with ease.

To gain this quest started in Enkanomiya, head to The Narrows, and teleport to the stop correct teleport waypoint. Head exact South of the waypoint and down to the decrease ground ranges, and you’ll rep an entrance into the wall within the abet of you. Navigate upstairs and test with the spirit on the balcony. 

This may per chance per chance open the hunt, and now you deserve to rep five Misplaced Books – most appealing the areas are impartial appropriate-making an strive obtuse. True study via our handbook below for the total data you need. These books will be got in almost any expose, so study via our instructions to figure out which books you are lacking.

For the major e book teleport the total means to the Northeast of Enkanomiya, to the teleport waypoint on Evernight Temple. Hop down to the Eastern ledge exact below the teleport point, and exhaust the switch to be certain you’re in Whitenight, no longer Evernight. 

As within the Lotus Eater quest, you’ll desire a Geo persona to hit sure switches in Enkanomiya. Energetic the switch within the abet of the Evernight switch, and that can open to rotate a maze. Head over to the becoming of that switch to rep but one other, and activate that. As soon as performed, exhaust the switch to return to Evernight. The partitions of the maze will gentle up and you would possibly per chance well even be in a build to navigate it. 

Head over to the left side of the maze as you enter and hit the switch here utilizing a Hydro persona. Again off to the passage heading into the middle of the maze, and exhaust the major correct to rep one other Hydro switch on the stop. Again off to the outdated passage once extra, and any other time head deeper internal, over the grate within the middle of the maze, and within the abet of it to rep the third Hydro switch. The finest switch is within the abet of the maze, accessible from the grate any other time. This may per chance per chance open up the grate within the middle, allowing you to dive down below. There’s a spirit here that you would possibly per chance be in a build to test with that can per chance well lend a hand you peek the major Misplaced Book. 

Whereas you chat to the spirit you’ll bask in a marker on your draw in The Serpent’s Coronary heart. Scoot back and forth there to rep a grate, and open it up with the important thing the spirit gave you – switch is on one amongst the four pedestals surrounding the grate. This opens up a rather engaging puzzle. Discover the instructions below intimately: 

  • Replace to Whitenight utilizing the switch within the room, and then open the gates within the middle of the room by utilizing the two switches on the pillars on reverse ends of the room.
  • Spend the Geo activate the becoming side of the room (when going via away from the Whitenight/Evernight switch). Spark off it twice.
  • Spend the gate switch closest to the Evernight switch, and then exhaust the Geo activate the reverse side of the room twice.
  • Head the reverse gate switch, activate it, and then exhaust the Geo activate the quite lots of side of the room once most appealing.
  • Swap abet to Evernight, and this is in a position to per chance well free up a chest containing the article the spirit wanted. 

Despite all the pieces of that, return to the spirit, and he will give you what you deserve to open the gate exact down the stairs from him. Interior is a chest that accommodates the major Misplaced Book. Phew.

For e book two we’re touring to the Southwestern teleport point on Dainichi Mikoshi. You ought to soundless seek data from a quest to snatch up exact Northwest of the teleport point on the draw – to gain there you would possibly per chance desire to hover off the side of the cliff and onto a ledge exact beneath. 

Consult with the spirits here, and you’ll gain a unusual draw marker to the very Southwest of The Serpent’s Coronary heart. Scoot back and forth here and you’ll rep the spirit you need exact North of the teleport point on the decrease ground. Chat to him and salvage the article within the abet of him. Scoot to the middle of the unusual draw marker and you’ll be in a build to activate a rapid strive against with a precise enemy – advance attractive. 

Gain the reward, return to the spirit, and you would possibly per chance at last bask in the 2nd Misplaced Book. That one used to be remarkable more easy.

The next quest begins at Vishap Analysis Lab but getting there is rather engaging whenever you don’t already know the diagram. Teleport to the Northern point on Dainichi Mikoshi, and then you definately will desire to hover to the island that is off to the North of the major Dainichi Mikoshi. As soon as there, hop onto the little adjoining island that can per chance bask in a teleporter, taking you the total means to the Vishap Analysis Lab. The search is picked up conclude to the build you land. 

Discover the draw marker and head extra internal the Analysis Lab. You are going to desire to activate the switches within the room with varied ingredients, and each switch will open a gate will a precise Vishap internal. Open up each of the rooms and defeat each of the enemies. As soon as performed, search the cells the monsters had been held in and you’ll rep a dazzling item – the third Misplaced Book.

Next up we’re teleporting to the middle of Dainichi Mikoshi, and heading South from the teleport point, exact to a decrease level the build will rep one other precise enemy love the one we fought when finding Misplaced Book 2. You don’t desire to strive against this time – as a replacement, blow up the conclude by barrels to open up a gap within the wall. For the length of Evernight, activate the switch internal, and then plod and commerce the enviornment voice to Whitenight. There may per chance be a switch for this reverse the opening you blew within the wall, exact on a decrease level atop a pillar, against the subsequent teleport point. 

Head abet internal the door and his the subsequent switch to pass a wall. Now commerce abet to Evernight once extra sooner than heading abet. Now now we bask in a puzzle that mirrors the one we covered within the Lotus Eater quest. There are symbols on the wall above the chest. Spark off them to heed what expose they’ve to be accessed in, and exhaust a screenshot when they’ve lit up so you don’t neglect. 

You are going to desire to return to the similar living from the Lotus Eater quest, and enter the doors within the expose of the symbols from the wall. For added data, test our Lotus Eater quest handbook. Whereas you total this rapid puzzle, a chest will appear containing the fourth e book.

This one is straightforward. Teleport the total means to Inazuma Metropolis utilizing the Narukami Island waypoint. True North of the waypoint you’ll rep the Publishing House. Favor The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku, and that’s it – the finest Misplaced Book.

Return to the spirit you received this quest from in The Narrows. Hand over the five books and return them to their shelves to open up a new room. There’s masses to rep on this room – it’s all of your reward for polishing off Sequence of Dragons and Snakes. 

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.

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