Influencer Poses in Underclothes to Designate Off Her Butt—and Disclose Cellulite Is Long-established and Soft

“I desire I noticed more bodies esteem mine after I became once younger.”

By Christina Oehler Updated February 04, 2020

Flawlessly airbrushed thighs and butts are so frequent in classified ads and commercials, or no longer it is no marvel many girls behold cellulite as one thing gruesome and phenomenal. Nonetheless influencers esteem Danae Mercer are attempting to alternate this pondering—and so they’re posted semi-nude photos to gift that cellulite is fully current and nothing to be ashamed of.

Mercer, a Dubai-essentially essentially based mostly journalist and blogger, shared a video of herself on Instagram on Saturday. Within the clip, she’s posing in purple lingerie, her legs and butt front and heart for the camera.

“I desire I noticed more bodies esteem mine after I became once younger. I desire I noticed more shapes with stretchmarks and dimples and skinny bits and tender bits,” she wrote in her caption. “I desire I noticed more girls championing STRONG as a exchange of SKINNY. WHOLE as a exchange of HALVES. HEALTH as a exchange of STARVATION.”

Mercer went on to reveal that she wishes more girls understood that having cellulite is never any longer handiest natural, or no longer it is also elegant.

“So sure. I desire I noticed more bodies esteem mine after I became once younger,” she continued. “Nonetheless I’m so gosh darn GRATEFUL that we’re starting up to evaluate the total good rainbow of bodies now.”

Mercer completed her message on her video by writing, “Right here’s to a neighborhood of girls standing collectively to like an even time all that makes us gloriously human. Right here’s to us – completely notorious and all.”

This is never any longer the first time Mercer has taken to social media to talk body positivity. She’s won a following of over 43K by sharing unedited clips of her body and promoting self-take care of eventually of her posts. The oldschool editor has lined stretch marks, bra bulge, and bloating, topics which like resonated with her followers, who trail away obvious and grateful comments on her page.

Needless to reveal, of us are loving her positivity—and hopefully more right girls will reject airbrushed photos and accept the natural class of the female body.

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