Physician Saves Traveler’s Lifestyles by Sucking Urine from Man’s Bladder All thru Mid-Flight Emergency

A Chinese language surgeon extracted 800 ml of urine from the blocked bladder of an elderly man at some stage in a mid-flight emergency.

By Gabrielle Chung December 03, 2019

A Chinese language physician had to mediate on his toes when a passenger on his flight suffered a scientific emergency.

Zhang Hong, a surgeon from the First Affiliated Sanatorium of Jinan University in Guangzhou, saved an elderly man’s existence by sucking urine from the traveler’s blocked bladder at some stage in a scientific emergency, South China Morning Post reported Thursday, citing native sources.

The physician, who used to be flying from Guangzhou to Novel York on China Southern Airlines Flight 399, used to be aloof six hours a ways from his commute characteristic when he sprung into motion.

The unwell passenger used to be sweating and had a swollen belly, Zhang acknowledged. The particular person’s family had also urged cabin crew that the traveler used to be beforehand diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, which Zhang suspected used to be inflicting a blockage, in maintaining with China Files.

“He used to be going into shock and can hold suffered a risk to his existence if we didn’t are inclined to him urgently,” the physician used to be quoted announcing.


Flight attendants characteristic up blankets on the bottom in an apartment in direction of the back of the plane for the passenger.

Meanwhile, Zhang and one other physician on board — Xiao Zhanxiang from Hainan Provincial Of us’s Sanatorium in Haikou — reportedly fashioned a makeshift catheter out of plastic tubing from an oxygen conceal, straws from milk cartons, tape, and a syringe from the plane’s scientific equipment.

Nonetheless, the needle on the instrument used to be too tiny to drain the urine. After experiencing difficulties in easing the stress on the passenger’s bladder, Zhang stepped as much as suck out the urine himself.

The physician then spent 37 minutes draining approximately 800 milliliters of urine from the man’s blocked bladder, China’s The Paper reported.

Photos of the existence-saving act also confirmed Zhang spitting into an empty wine bottle as he siphoned the urine the usage of his mouth.

“It used to be an emergency relate. I couldn’t resolve out one other manner,” Zhang used to be quoted announcing.

Essentially based fully on South China Morning Post, the passenger used to be urged to place down for one other half an hour after the route of. He used to be reportedly examined by one other physician upon touchdown.

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