Pixel 6 sequence will at final gather December/January update on January 17, per Canadian carriers [Update]

Let’s hope this date is honest

Exchange 14/01/2022 4: 21pm: MobileSyrup reporter Jon Lamont and I even indulge in both obtained the update no topic the under January 17th date. We both indulge in unlocked telephones, and I’m on Telus’ Koodo network, while Jon is on Bell’s. It’s that you just’re going to be in a reveal to take into consideration that you just can well now not indulge in the update lawful yet, however this is a accurate signal.

The real account is under:

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will at final gather Google’s December/January Android security patch subsequent week if Canadian carriers are lawful.

In accordance to Fido’s and Telus’ OS update schedules, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will assemble the anticipated security update on January 17th.

Google in the origin rolled out the update serve on December 13th. The December update became delayed greater than per week, however it absolutely got here with 80 fixes and diversified improvements. On the replacement hand, it also incorporated a unpleasant malicious program that space off the cell phone to tumble calls. Due to the this bid, Google paused the rollout of the update.

When the starting of January rolled spherical, many hoped the January and December update would hit their Pixel 6 devices, however that wasn’t the case. Excellent Pixel devices ranging from the Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a obtained the patch.

My Pixel 6 Pro has slowly gotten so buggy since commence in October that I’m able to now not counsel it at $900. Mixed with the most up-to-date botched update or now not it’s lawful been a inferior expertise. My SIM is serve in an S21 Extremely til the subsequent overview.

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) January 12, 2022

But with any luck, subsequent week’s update solves these issues.

The update’s standout factors embrace improved fingerprint sensor steadiness and performance, fixes for masks flickering and whole 23W wireless charging from the Pixel Stand 2.

Further, there are also plenty of particular camera updates:

  • Identical outdated image quality improvements in camera preview/eradicate
  • Identical outdated improvements for camera steadiness and performance
  • Identical outdated improvements for auto-focal point response in plod eradicate modes
  • Identical outdated improvements for coloration consistency in viewfinder preview
  • Repair for bid causing smooth viewfinder preview in plod prerequisites

That you just may per chance well presumably test out the whole checklist of fixes from the December update, here.

The January security patch offers a repair for an Android bid that can prevent emergency calls. The update also fixes Wi-Fi call dropping factors, wrong info utilization accounting, a memory leak in the system UI and more.

Yow will detect the whole fixes for the January update, here.

Optimistically, the above carrier free up timeline is honest on legend of otherwise, there will probably be plenty of upset Canadian Pixel 6 owners.

Provide: Fido, Telus

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