Ravens OC Greg Roman talks about crew’s red zone struggles in Week 17 vs. Rams

The Baltimore Ravens fell to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 17 by the last rating of 20-19. There were many causes that the crew used to be unable to reach encourage out on high, however a prime one used to be the crew’s offensive struggles in the red zone.

Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman used to be asked about what went into the underwhelming red zone efficiency against Los Angeles, and mentioned how quarterback Tyler Huntley is tranquil studying, however additionally how the offense needs to operate better as a unit inner of the 20-yard line.

“I direct we had about a opportunities there. I direct it’s correct portion of being a younger quarterback. The red zone is incessantly the last allege where a quarterback reaches his height, correct because time and house are a extensive part there. He’s doing some essentially honest appropriate issues down there. The total offense, although, has to operate better down there to salvage in the stop zone. We positively had a couple opportunities there that we can maintain capitalized on and need to.”

The Ravens’ offense didn’t rating a landing for the entirety of Week 17. Their 19 positive aspects came from a defensive landing by safety Chuck Clark, as smartly as four field dreams from the leg of Justin Tucker. In the red zone, Baltimore went 0-for-2, leaving at the least six positive aspects on the board in what turned out to be a one point loss.

If the Ravens desire a likelihood to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 18, they’ll can maintain to be ready to punch the ball in at some stage of their journeys to the red zone in preference to settling for field dreams. Baltimore seen first hand how that could well affect a game and be the variation between a win and a loss.

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