Razer scrubs N95 claims from its Zephyr masks’ web pages

Gaming accessory maker Razer scrubbed all references to ‘N95 Grade Filter’ from the procure page for its CES concept-turned-precise-product Zephyr masks.

The sudden alternate took region over the weekend following a PCMag file highlighting concerns with the corporate’s claims. In short, the file crucial aspects that using an “N95 Grade Filter” in a cowl doesn’t invent it an N95 cowl.

It moreover outlines how in the U.S., the Centre for Disease Control’s (CDC) Nationwide Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) certifies that N95 respirators “primitive in an occupational atmosphere meet the minimum constructing, performance, and respiratory security standards.” NIOSH moreover maintains an online lisp list well-liked N95 respirators — Razer’s Zephyr masks aren’t on that list.

It’s value noting that Health Canada similarly retains an inventory of licensed clinical devices for makes use of associated to COVID-19 but the list does not embrace Razer’s masks — one thing I pointed out in protection of the company’s unique Zephyr Educated.

Alongside with placing off the N95 Grade Filter claims, Razer expanded its comely print, going from:

“Razer Zephyr just will not be a clinical machine, respirator, surgical cowl or inner most protecting tools (PPE) and just will not be always supposed to be primitive [in] clinical or clinical settings.”


“The Razer Zephyr and Zephyr Educated usually are not certified N95 masks, clinical devices, respirators, surgical masks, or inner most protecting tools (PPE) and customarily are not supposed to be primitive in clinical or clinical settings.”

Extra, Razer’s comely print illustrious that the corporate “adopted standards” location by NIOSH, but that it hadn’t been certified by the company.

The core advise is that Razer walks a comely line with its Zephyr cowl by promoting it as a protecting machine while moreover skirting across the utter with correct and clinical terminology the realistic person may perhaps also not realize. As an instance, it may perhaps well not be right this moment obvious to folks visiting Razer’s web pages what the variation is between NIOSH certification and simply adopting the company’s standards.

Razer did not right this moment acknowledge to PCMag’s ask for comment, but did present a narrate after publication noting that it became in the process of placing off all N95 Grade Filter references from advertising and marketing topic materials to “steer obvious of any confusion.” The company moreover acknowledged it may perhaps well reach out to existing customers to “account for” what the Zephyr masks can and can’t dwell. The company moreover posted the following tweet:

*The Razer Zephyr and Zephyr Educated usually are not clinical devices, respirators, surgical masks, or inner most protecting tools (PPE) and customarily are not supposed to be primitive in clinical or clinical settings.

— R Λ Z Ξ R (@Razer) January 8, 2022

On the opposite hand, Razer didn’t publicly verbalize the elimination of ‘N95 Grade Filter’ references from its web pages.

Within the raze, it’s value noting that Razer’s licensed Zephyr cowl web pages soundless lists the air filters as “FDA-registered,” which appears to be a reference to the incontrovertible truth that Razer filed the Zephyr with the FDA and that’s all.

Within the raze, the main takeaway right here is that in case you’re shopping for a cowl to present protection to yourself from COVID and the ongoing omicron surge, it’s likely you’ll maybe well are searching to skip the Razer cowl. Clear, it appears cool and has RGB lighting fixtures, but until regulatory certification arrives, it’s not obvious to what stage the Zephyr masks in actuality protect folks.

Header image credit: Razer

Offer: PCMag

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